Full Sail Announces the 20th Release of Old Boardhead Barleywine

Some beers are meant to be enjoyed right away and others reward your patience by evolving and improving with age. Full Sail’s Old Boardhead Barleywine gives a good name to delayed gratification. While ready to drink now, Old Boardhead cellars exceptionally well. Full Sail’s Brewmaster, Jamie Emmerson, suggests you store a few bottles in a dark, cool place and be patient. The newly designed label highlights the reserve year making it easier to keep track. Whether you wait or not, Old Boardhead is a deliciously rich brew with a spectacular depth and complexity of flavor. Deep and robust, it’s a luscious brew to sip in any weather.

“We have been brewing “Old Boardhead” since 1990. It is a beer that celebrates the passage of time and amazingly enough it has been twenty years since our first annual release,” commented Jamie Emmerson. “Old Boardhead is part of our rotating selection of Brewmaster Reserve beers, and every few months, we come out with a different beer that showcases the art of brewing. We began the Brewmaster Reserve series back in 1998 to celebrate our independence and creativity.”

Old Boardhead has been kegged and bottled in 22 oz bottles and is on its way to specialty beer stores and pubs throughout the Pacific Northwest. (ABV 9%  IBU 91.) The next beer in Full Sail’s Brewmaster Reserve lineup is Lupulin Fresh Hop Ale that will be released in early September followed by Wreck the Halls that will be released in November. For a full list of Full Sail’s Brewmaster Reserve beers please visit http://fullsailbrewing.com/brewmaster-reserve.cfm