GoodLife Brewing Company Expand Distribution in NW, Bottles Dry-Hop Mountain Rescue Pale Ale

Chris Nelson (left) and brewmaster Curt Plants of GoodLife Brewing in Bend, OR

Expansion has always been a goal of GoodLife Brewing Company, and after 6 months of distributing to Deschutes County and the Portland metropolitan area, GoodLife Brewing Company is proud to announce two new distributors that will take them to Idaho, Washington, Alaska and the remainder of Oregon not currently being handled by a distributor. 

GoodLife Brewing CompanyThe Odom Corporation will distribute GoodLife Brewing’s craft beer to the entire state of Oregon, excluding Deschutes County and the Portland metro area, Northern Idaho, Washington and Alaska.  “We are excited to sign the Odom Corporation because we feel they can do a great job to help grow our brand and supply thirsty enthusiasts regionally with our product” says GoodLife’s Chris Nelson.

Idaho Distributing Company, based in Boise, will lead the charge for GoodLife Brewing Company as we release beer into Idaho for the first time.  They will distribute beer to the whole state except the Northern panhandle.” Nelson says. “Residents of Idaho have a similar mindset to people living in Bend, and we are enthusiastic about the potential of the Idaho market.  Initially, GoodLife Brewing Company will send both of its award winning beers, Mountain Rescue Dry Hop Pale Ale and Descender IPA, and slowly release seasonal beers when they are available.”

GoodLife Brewing Company is excited to announce the release of 22oz Mountain Rescue Dry Hop Pale Ale bottles.

Mountain Rescue Dry-Hop Pale AleThe Bend brewery will be bottling 600 cases of 22-ounce bottles that will allow people to enjoy a GoodLife beer wherever life may take them.  Being fans of the outdoors, bottles will be an easier way to enjoy one of your favorite beers without having to carry a keg on your back during your next adventure.

You will be able to find the bottles at your local bottle shop initially with hopes of being in grocery stores and convenient stores in the next six months.

For additional information, visit the brewery located at 70 SW Century Drive in Bend, OR or visit  GoodLife Brewing Company is currently distributing all their beers in Bend and Portland via Point Blank Distributing.

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