Harvester Gluten-Free Brewery to Add New Flavor

Harvester Brewing Pale Ale and Dark Ale bottles (photo: J. Foyston)
Harvester Brewing Pale and Dark Ale (Photo: J. Foyston)

The brewers at upstart brewery Harvester Brewing Co. of Southeast Portland have recently announced that they will be adding a new flavor to their repertoire. According to Harvester brewers James Neumeister and John Dugan inform us that said new offering will be Harvester Brewing Dark Ale.

“This has been a consistent request of many of the people we talk to at tastings and we are excited to expand the line past the existing Pale Ale” said Dugan. “We roasted our chestnuts for this batch to a chocolaty brown today at the brewery and plan on brewing the first pilot batch of this beer (on January 18).”

Further, Harvest is pleased to announce that their bottled beer has been recently added to the shelves at the following four new craft beer locations around town.

  • Bridgetown Beerhouse – a bottle shop and beer bar in North Portland.
  • NorthWest Public House –  a gastropub and sports bar in Northwest Portland that has a number of gluten-free menu options.
  • Beaumont Market – a neighborhood grocery store with a beer room in Northeast Portland
  • John’s Market – a bottle shop with an attached deli in Southwest Portland

Read more about Harvester from our last post in December 2011.

Cheers to gluten-free beers!

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