Heater Allen Abzug in Bottles

McMinnville’s Heater Allen Brewing, with the help of Green Bottling mobile bottling company, has recently bottled up their popular Abzug brew. Dark copper in color yet clear in appearance and with a pillowy white head, this light malty brew offers toasty and caramel, bready malt-forward flavors evened out by a touch of crisp, grassy hops. The commercial description as posted on RateBeer.com reads:

In the mid to late 1800s, Viennese brewers produced a series of amber lager beers. The strongest was what we now call Marzen or Oktoberfest and the middle beer was just called Vienna. The weakest of the three was called Abzug, which means discount or reduction in German. With less lagering time and a much lower original gravity, Abzug lacks some of the smoothness of Bobtoberfest, but it make a very nice session beer. (1.013 BG, 3.80%, 28 IBU, 8 SRM)