Imperial IPA Fest Full Lineup Announced

Brewpublic is proud to announce our sponsorship of Saraveza‘s first ever Imperial IPA Fest. IIPA Fest is a five day celebration of one of the more assertive and beloved styles. Running July 14-18, this bonanza of hoppiness will feature more than 30 different IIPAs under one roof! In addition to having all of these beers on tap, featured brewers will be on hand each night to meet with customers and enjoy this event at the heart of Oregon Craft Beer Month. As a special bonus, limited free tickets will be provided to customers good for a free Saraveza 32-ounce jar that can be filled with IIPA at a special discounted price. Get your tickets at Saraveza today (good while supplies last)!

For further details, visit or call (503) 206-4252

Nightly @ 7pm

WED JULY 14: Beer Valley (Ontario, OR) & Laurelwood (PDX)

THUR JULY 15: WASHINGTON NIGHT! Pike (Seattle) & Lazy Boy (Everett, WA)

FRI JULY 16: HUB NIGHT! Hopworks Urban Brewery (PDX)

SAT JULY 17: Seven Brides (Silverton, OR) & Widmer (PDX)

SUN JULY 18: GORGE NIGHT! Walking Man (Stevenson, WA), Double Mountain (Hood River, OR), & Everybody’s Brewing (White Salmon, WA)

Saraveza is located at 1004 North Killingsworth Street, Portland, Oregon.

This event takes place July 14-July 18, 2010. Brewers scheduled to be in attendance each night at 7pm.


WEDNESDAY, 14th: Oregon (& More!) Night #1
“Organic Green Mammoth”: Laurelwood, PDX (2010 debut)
“Leafer Madness”: Beer Valley, Ontario, OR
“Black Madness”: Beer Valley, Ontario, OR
“Glen’s Hop Vice”: Oakshire, Eugene, OR
“Mega Monster”: Gilgamesh, Turner, OR (debut)
Wednesday’s Bullpen:
“Hercules”: Great Divide, Denver, CO

Tapped @ 5pm on THURSDAY, 15th: Washington (& More!) Night
“Pike Double IPA”: Pike, Seattle, WA
“Extra”: Lazy Boy, Everett, WA
“Hop Wallop”: Victory, Downingtown, PA
“Unearthly”: Southern Tier, Lakewood, NY
“Hop Stoopid”: Lagunitas, Petaluma, CA
Thursday’s Bullpen:
“Oaked Unearthly”: Southern Tier, Lakewood, NY
“Racer X”: Bear Republic, Healdsburg, CA

Tapped @ 5pm on FRIDAY, 16th: H.U.B. (& More!) Night
“Evelyn Sunshine”: Hopworks Urban Brewery (H.U.B.), PDX
“Ace of Spades”: H.U.B., PDX
“Galactic”: H.U.B., PDX
“Maharaja”: Avery, Boulder, CO
“Imperial Wheat”: Cascade, PDX
Friday’s Bullpen:
“Mendocino IIPA”: Mendocino, Ukiah, CA
“Blue Frog DIPA”: Blue Frog, Fairfield, CA
“90 Minute”: Dogfish Head, Gaithersburg, MD

Tapped @ 5pm on SATURDAY, 17th: Oregon (& More!) Night #2
“Frankenlou’s”: 7 Brides, Silverton, OR
“Deadlift”: Widmer, PDX
“Tricerahops”: Ninkasi, Eugene, OR
“Yellow Wolf”: Alameda, PDX
“Super-Duper Dog”: Lucky Lab, PDX
“Pliny the Elder”: Russian River, Santa Rosa, CA
Saturday’s Bullpen:
“Hoppe”: Southern Tier, Lakewood, NY
“Double Daddy”: Speakeasy, San Francisco, CA

Tapped @ 5pm on SUNDAY, 18th: the Gorge (& More!) Night
“Molten Lava”: Double Mountain, Hood River, OR
“Big Phat Homo”: Walking Man, Stevenson, WA
“Big Brother”: Everybody’s, White Salmon, WA (debut)
“I Beat yoU”: Mikkeller, København, DEN
“Lenny’s R.I.P.A.”: He’Brew, New York, NY
Sunday’s Bullpen:
“Gordon”: Oskar Blues, Lyons, CO
“Steelhead DIPA”: Mad River, Blue Lake, CA

More on Imperial IPAs:

Imperial IPAs (also known as Double IPAs) are strong, very hoppy styles of pale ales. These beers, popularized in hop growing regions of the Pacific Northwest have high amounts of malt and hops. IIPAs typically have alcohol content above 7% by volume and IBUs (International Bittering Units) are in the very high range (60+).

The style is extremely common in Oregon thanks to the great growing conditions conducive to the hop plant.Nowadays, IIPAs are found all over the world from the Northwest to regions like Denmark, Belgium, Scotland, and Norway.

The style is one of the fastest growing styles in the craft beer industry, and a favorite among “hopheads.” This group of people enjoy an array of hop characteristics including boldly bitter to citrusy, piny, flower, dank, and otherwise monstrously aromatic.