It's Never Sunny in Portland, OR

These last few weeks of rain have made it feel like fall in June. Gray, gloomy skies and the downpour of rain. The few bursts of sun seem to get everyone all excited that maybe spring will actually arrive in the Pacific Northwest.  On a positive note… it actually feels warm for being 60 degrees out and all the plants seem to be in bloom. To help cope with the weather we are having, here are a few beers that might help enhance the experience.

Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout

This beer not only has the ultimate gloomy day name but is also great for quaffing on long stretches of rainy days. Offering the shot of espresso that is needed to keep from falling into hibernation mode, this dark, silky beer would be great drank morning, noon or night. It’s no wonder this brew has won numerous medals.

Laurelwood Vinter Varmer

If you squirreled this beer away, now may be a good time to break it out. Possessing a malty backbone with a hoppy bite drinking this beer in front of the fire will make you think winter is back in full effect. The brewery puts it best when they say “A blend of six malts and four hops creates an ale with deep caramel character, spicy hop flavor and a dry roasty finish. It’s spelled differently because it’s Vonderful.”

Deschutes Hop in the Dark

It has been said that Cascadian Dark Ales are a “trick” beer. It looks dark and rich, like a porter, but smells and tastes of floral hops with a nice roast finish. This beer will serve as a wonderful compliment to the weather we have been having. It will remind you of warm summer days with the hop presence but the color will make you think back to enjoying all those stouts and porter in the cold months.

Pelican Stormwatchers Winterfest

Sit back, relax and watch the storm pass on by while enjoying this bold brew. Clear dark red in color and with a fresh deeply toasted malty complexities of caramel, dark fruit and a flowery aroma, Stormwatchers proves to be quite smooth with notes of marshmallow and fresh biscuits. There’s an excellent mouthfeel and lingering texture with a hop bitterness in the finish. A very clean alcohol presence adds character to both the aroma and finish. It’s not bad getting soaked if you have this puppy to come inside to.

Rock Bottom Portland Sunny Day IPA

If we can’t have one then we might as well drink one! Rock Bottom’s pub may be filled with a similar crowd to TGI Fridays or other chain establishments, but there’s nothing lame about the beers of Portland brewers Van Havig and Bolt Minister’s flavor-packed artisan specialties. Sunny Day IPA has a bountiful floral nose, followed by a rich toasty malt character and a pleasingly dry finish. Like the sign on the wall says, “Make any day a Sunny Day!”