John John Juniper Pale Ale

In their second collaboration effort, Rogue Master Brewer, John Maier, and Master Distiller, John Couchot are releasing John John Juniper Pale Ale. This ale consists of Rogue Juniper Pale Ale aged in Rogue’s Juniper Gin barrels. Gin lovers will recognize the oddity in this approach – gin is not typically aged in barrels.

To craft this unique brew, John Couchot aged the Gin in oak barrels so the barrels can soak up the flavor of the gin. The barrels are then emptied and rolled by forklift from the Rogue Distillery to the Rogue Brewery. John Maier later fills these barrels with Juniper Pale Ale so that his creation can absorb the gin

flavors from the barrel.

John John Juniper is made using ingredients grown on Rogue’s own hop and barley farms. Rogue remains committed to saving the terrior of Oregon hops and barley from extinction – one acre at a time.