Lompoc Side Bar Gets Cozier

Hats off to New Old Lompoc for continuing to knock out mad money brews. They’ve got a great team of dudes making their nectar. The Bald Guy Brigade recently announced the new and improved Side Bar at 5th Quadrant. Now the cool barrel-agin’ space has a fireplace. Hells yeah!

New Old Lompoc founder Jerry Lechter at 5Q SideBar

The new fireplace at Side Bar is gonna be the toast of the Beer Craft beer crowd come winter 2010-2011. Thankfully we’ve been graced with warmer days of late. With all the barrel-aged delicious brews Lompoc is churning out these days, you can count on more coolness to come…Look for Lompoc at a special Brewpublicrawl in March!  We’re stoked.

Lompoc Side Bar

Thanks to Lompoc’s Facebook page for these great pictures! Lompoc’s Barrel-aged Cherry Stout will be a sure hit at Brewpublic’s MY BEERY VALENTINE event coming on Valentine’s/Zwickelmania weekend.

Lompoc brewers