MacTarnahan's and Pyramid Brewers Night

MacTarnahan's brewmaster Tom Bleigh' s new Mac's neck tat

We’ve managed to make our way through just about half of Oregon Craft Beer Month, and Friday night, we celebrate with a special evening with the brewers from MacTarnahan‘s and Pyramid. Lead by brewmaster and plant manager Thomas Bleigh and his team of accomplished pros, the crew will bring some seasonal specialties like their new Full Bloom hoppy lager, Summer Grifter India Pale Ale, and a rare keg of Blackwatch aged on whiskey barrels.

Learn some insider scoops on the future of the breweries, enjoy the wonderful flavors, and raise a toast to some of Oregon’s finest brewers.  This event is happening at The BeerMongers (1125 SE Division Street) on Friday July 15, 2011 beginning at 6PM. See you there!