Oakshire In Bottles

Oakshire Brewing of Eugene, Oregon has just announced that they will be releasing two of their brews in bottles. Beginning on Thursday July 16, 2009, the brewery’s Watershed IPA and Overcast Espresso Stout will be distributed in 22-ounce bottles in the Eugene and Corvallis markets.

“This is a very exciting time for our young brewery,” said brewmaster Matt Van Wyk in a recent press release from the brewery. “We feel we have a huge fan base that is not able to experience our beers on draft but would gladly enjoy our beers at home, on a trip, or with friends.”

Brewery co-founder Jeff Althouse says Oakshire plans to work on their Eugene and Corvallis accounts first and then eventually send bottles to Portland and other Oregon markets just as fast as the small brewery can keep up with demand. New tanks were recently put into the brewery for this very purpose.

Richard Ashcroft “Buy It In Bottles”

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