Oregon Craft Beer Month Closing Ceremonies

As we hope you already know, Oregon Craft Beer Month (OCBM) has been one wild, fun, and beer-filled ride. So many fun events that it was impossible to make them all (God knows we tried). Well, as a final hoorah, Brewpublic would like to invite you to a big ol’ event we’ve been planning for some time. BrewPubliCrawl 2.0/OCBM Closing Ceremonies will feature 20 breweries at four pub crawl stops. The event runs from Noon until 6PM. Here’s the poster for the event (we’ve actually added a few more Oregon breweries since this poster was made.

It should be pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions about this event, visit http://brewpublic.com/events or contact Angelo at Brewpublic dot com. Thanks for making Oregon Craft Beer Month 2010 at hit!