Roscoe's Fresh Hop Summit

Haven’t had enough fresh hops yet? Well now is one of you last chances to try a bunch of ’em under one roof. The Roscoe’s Fresh Hop Summit will start on October 29, 2010 at 5PM.  “We will have 14 great fresh hop beers all on tap.  Trays of 5 ounce tasters will be available.” says Roscoe’s co-founder Jeremy Lewis.  Some of the  breweries and beers featured will be: Ft. George (Cohoperative), Double Mountain(Killer Green), Oakshire (Locavore), Deschutes (fresh-hopped Mirror Pond), Sierra Nevada (Estate), Amnesia (Mother Plucker), Lompoc, Cascade (Fresh-hopped Porter), Silver Moon (HOPopatamus), Hopworks, Coalition (Liquid Sterling), and more.  There will be many beer styles represented (from Pilsner to Porter).  Lewis adds “We are very excited about this summit and we hope to see you there!”

Roscoe’s Pub is located at 8105 SE Stark Street in wonderful Portland, Oregon. For more information, call (503) 255-0049.