Saturday, March 26 – Ways to Enjoy Craft Beer

As if we need a reason (or three)! Here’s some Saturday, March 26 recommendations for craft beer hoppenings in Beervana.

A picture of Mt Hood from the skihood.comGreat day to be on the mountain. Why? Because “The Mountain” is generally awesome, but today it’s extra awesome thanks to the Mt Hood Meadows Spring Brew Fest that’s going down today from 11 am to 4 pm. There’s live music on deck and beers from Lompoc, Full Sail, Double Mountain, Widmer, Kona & Redhook. Cool off with some beverages while watching the snow fall.

Timbers Logo, Go Timbers!11 AM – Watch the Timbers, enjoy craft beer: Enjoy the game with Happy Hour all day at all the Lompoc pubs (New Old Lompoc, Fifth Quadrant, Oaks Bottom and Sidebar) that will be showing the Portland Timbers vs. Toronto FC game at 11 am. Happy Hour all day, means $3.25 regular Lompoc pints and $1 off cocktails. Fear not if you miss this one, Lompocs will be showing all home and away games for the MLS season.

Another good place to catch the Timbers game Saturday is the BeerMongers. They will also be playing the game (and probably all Timbers games this season), and pouring their usual excellent drafts and selling their great selection of bottles which can be enjoyed on the premises. If he’s on duty, ask bartender Josh about his recent voyage to the “edge of oblivion” aka Southern California, and his trip to The Bruery. Final Eight college hoops will follow what we hope to be the Timbers first win of the season.

NoPo Brew Crew 1 Year Anniversary Pub Crawl – Like the Sasquatch, the NoPo Brew Crew has been sighted in the wilderness of NoPo and St Johns, doing … well, we’re not entirely sure, but it involves brewing, enjoying craft beer, and meeting to talk about brewing and craft beer, and having some fun, which they will be doing at their one-year anniversary pub crawl along the Killingsworth Beer Corridor. Ask them what they do yourself, if you can catch them at one if their crawl stops: Hop and Vine, Saraveza, and Concordia Ale House. What’s the schedule? We don’t know! Finding the elusive crew is half the fun (or they can just tell us in the comment below).

What else is happening? Let us know in the comment below!