Sean / Shawn / Shaun Fest

Brewer Shawn KelsoKillerBeerWeek is nearly half way through and we’ve already put our livers to the test. So many truly killer beers have been sampled and so many beery friends have made it out to help us celebrate our fourth year running Brewpublic. So far, all of the events have been well attended and we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing so many stellar brews. Now we prepare for a night of craft beer industry superstars named Sean, Shawn, or Shaun who make our lives much tastier.

The BeerMongers presents a celebraSean of sensaShawnAle brewers and craft beer folks who have won our affectShaun with Killer Beer!

The BeerMongers is run by Publican Sean Campbell, so as far as talented Shawns goes, it takes one to know one…or many…

We’ll feature special releases from Sean/Shawn/Shauns including 10 Barrel, The Commons, Lazy Boy, 21st Amendment, Amnesia, and Georgetown Brewing. Here’s your invitaSean! Here’s what you can expect to try from the Shauns:

  • 10 Barrel-Shawn Kelso “Big Daddy Shawn’s Cynical CDA”
  • Amnesia-Sean Thommen “DesolaSean IPA”
  • Laurelwood– Shane “Not Sean” Shane Watterson “My Name is Shane Not Sean Pale Ale”
  • 21st Amendment– Shaun O’Sullivan “ShaunO Imperial Red”
  • Georgetown– Sean Miller “Lucille, not Sean”
  • Lazy Boy– Shawn Loring “The Shawing”
  • The Commons – Sean Burke “SeanTilly Lace”
  • The BeerMongers– Sean Campbell aka John Beermonger

BeerMonger and Publican Sean Campbell opens up a bottle of La Tache from Ale Apothecary

Sean Burke of Commons Brewery

Sean Thommen of Amnesia Brewing (photo by / Matt Wiater)

Shaun O'Sullivan of 21st Amendment Brewery

Shawn "Lazy Boy" Loring

Shane Watterman of Laurelwood Brewing

We’ll also be screening the movie “Shaun of the Dead” on the big screen, so come on out!

The BeerMongers is located at 1125 SE Division St. in Portland, OR.

For more information on the events happening at Brewpublic’s 2012 KillerBeerWeek go to: