SOB Releases Na Zdravi' Pilsner

Its back!  Southern Oregon Brewing founder Dr. Tom Hammonds calls it “The best beer we have ever made.” What he’s referring to is SOB’s Na Zdravi’ Czech-style Pilsner.

Serving as he brewery’s summer seasonal for 2010, Na Zravi’ was well received last year and this is your chance to experience a truly authentic Old World European-style Pilsner. Brewed with Bohemian Malt, Czech Saaz hops and fermented with a Czech Budvar yeast, Na Zdarvi’ promises not to disappoint.

Released in kegs and 22-ounce bottles, this beer will celebrate an official release party in Portland at Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern on May 22 between 4pm and 8pm. Na Zdravi’!

Saraveza is located at 1004 N. Killingsworth Street in Portland, Oregon