The Bier Stein's Sour Beer Funk Fest Continues

Oakshire founder Jeff Althouse enjoys a glass of Cantillon Saint Lamvinus at The Bier Stein in Eugene, Oregon

The 2nd Annual Eugene Beer Week is already proving to be one wild ride. And speaking of wild, the folks at The Bier Stein (345 E. 11th Ave., Eugene, OR) have lined up an amazing array of funky and sour ales to wow the palates of even the most hardcore beer geek. Join The Stein today for the second and final day of their incredible Sour Beer Funk Fest. Details: Russian River Consecration Jan 09 – 10% abv     Santa Rosa, CA

Dark ale aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from local wineries.
aged for 4 to 8 months with black currants, brettanomyces,
lactobacillus, and pediococcus added to each barrel. Rich flavors of
chocolate truffle, spice, tobacco, currants, and a bit of Cabernet.

Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus – 5%abv           Brussels, Belgium

A half-pound of whole fresh raspberries per liter are fermented in oak casks of this Belgain classic beer – beer fermented by wild yeast borne on open air.  Very dry, tart, and fruity, but also funky and complex as a natural lambic should be.  This is the real thing, no extra sugar added.

Cascade Barrelhouse Pater – 8.12%abv               Portland, OR

This NW style sour ale shares a name with Peter Bouckaert, a friend and
fellow sour beer appreciator. This is our inflection of a beer he used
to make – “Alexander Rodenbach”. This red ale was aged in oak barrels with cherries for 12 to 18 months. Tart dusty cherries and bright notes of acidic dark fruit vinegars and black currants greet you in the nose. Rich, tart dark cherries and pits sparkle on the palate. Tart acidic notes of sour pie cherries and light hints of sweet cinnamon, bright cherry skins and red peppercorns lead to a lingering tart dryness of aged cherries.

Flat Tail Wild Birdinium –  7.5% abv,               Corvallis, OR

A special, and absolutely one of a kind blend made specifically for the Bier Stein. Epic fruitiness can barely begin to describe this beer, made with year and a half old pinot barrel aged Foreverinium Belgian Double IPA with fruit peel, our barrel fermented year old 1st anniversary ale and fresh Put a Bird on Wit, sour wit.  The conflux of fruity hops, brett c, oak, and our proprietary wild plum yeast create a truly one of a kind beer, worthy of the Stein.

Block 15              Strawberry Fields 2011– 7% abv,       Corvallis, OR

A yearly blend of golden sour/wild ales matured 4-16 months in Pinot Noir Barrels.  Conditioned with 200 lbs of fresh local strawberries.  Bright strawberry aroma with subtle berry flavor and a refreshingly tart finish. Limited small blend.

Three Creeks Sour Deer Beer  – 8.5%abv            Sisters, OR

2010 Rudolph’s Imperial Red aged in French oak pinot barrel, with a healthy dose of sweet cherries and spiked with Brettanomyces Lambicus (an infectious yeast that likes to live in wine barrels). This combination yields a unique, sour and savory flavor that select beer lovers will crave!

Oakshire Framboise– 6%abv                                Eugene, OR

Aged in 4 different pinot noir barrels for 10 months with Oregon raspberries.

Boneyard Funky Bunch – 6% abv                             Bend, OR

A blend of Black 13 and Girl Beer aged on oak chips with tart cherries and brettanomyces added.  Pours brown to black with reddish hues.

New Belgium               Tart Lychee – 7.5% abv                Fort Collins, CO

56% ale, 37% ale brewed with cinnamon, 7% ale brewed with natural flavors and aged in oak. Lychee fruit brings tropical sweetness to the party hosted by Felix, our golden wood-aged sour beer. Cinnamon sticks were invited to spice things up and so are you!

Bend Brewing Company Ching Ching – 4.5%                 Bend, OR

Ching Ching is a Berliner Weisse with pomegranate and hibiscus.

Just won a Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup held in San Diego this past weekend.
For more details on this and other wonderful events happening at The Bier Stein, check out their website: