Vertigo Continues to Grow

Vertigo Brewing co-founder and brewer Mike Haines pours an inaugural growler of Friar Mike's IPA

On a recent visit to Hillsboro, Oregon, Brewpublic had the opportunity to visit with Vertigo Brewing co-founder Mike Haines at their industrial brewery. Haines and his co-conspirator, Mike Kinion  have been brewing up a storm on their nano-system. In a month’s time, the two Mikes have brewed up 18 batches of beer. This is even more amazing considering the nature of their small system.

Vertigo's Mike Haines (standing) and Ben Edmunds inspect fermenting beer in Vertigo's current system

New brewhouse on the way

Haines says that he and Kinion have been working with Ager Tank Equipment of Portland and look forward to getting two 7-barrel stainless steel fermenters within the next two or three months. They are also excited about a new calandria for the system as well.  With the implication of a larger system, we happily anticipate more delicious beer from Vertigo.

Vertigo's Mike Haines shows us a hand built hops randall

New beers

Friar Mike's Gone Wild DIPAYou may have noticed more Vertigo beers around town at places such as the Eastburn, Bailey’s Taproom, or Saraveza. Out at the Hillsboro brewery, we had the privilege to try some mainstay favorites as well as some new brews from Mike and Mike.The Coffee Porter, Razz Wheat, High Dive Rye, Schwindel Alt, Wheat Ale, and Friar Mike’s IPA were among the regular faves we were happy to revisit. As for specialty one-offs, an Imperial IPA known as Friar Gone Wild was pouring. A nice woody, fruity flavor, this beefed up rendition of their flagship IPA featured Amarillo, Cascade and Columbus hops and was dry-hopped with Willamettes. In a fermenter, a special new stout is currently fermenting using oak spires soaked in bourbon.

Growlers a go

As of April 1, 2010, Vertigo is permitted to sell growlers to go. These nice brown logo’ed 64 ounce containers will allow for folks to enjoy their brews in the comfort of their own home.

The jugs are $5.00 and can be filled for $10.00.

Vertigo still does not have regular hours at the brewery, so please call ahead if you are interested in paying them a visit. Their number is 503.645.6644.

Vertigo's chic new growlers are now good to go