Weekend In Review: KillerBeerWeek in Full Effect!

KillerBeerWeek crew representing at Roscoe's Pub

The madness begins. 10 days of Killer Beer has kicked off, and if you missed the opening KillerBeerSummit / MikeFest at Roscoe’s, there’s still plenty of great beer to experience throughout the week / weekend.

KillerBeerWeek kicked off early on Saturday as we celebrated Saraveza’s 4th Anniversary with the grand opening of their Bad Habit room next door. Great beer, as is to be expected, and a special Saraveza deer cake made by Lori Adams Clinton aka the Sugar Pimp.

At Roscoe’s on Sunday night, Jeremy Lewis and Quyen Ly worked with us to lock in 16 taps of amazing limited edition brew including several Mike beers brewed by and for Mikes / Michaels / Micahs of the beer community.

-Buckman Botanical Brewery Michaelob Ultra 
-Stout brewed with cherries, hazelnuts & nutmeg. (Mike “Shoes” Higgins)
-Fort George Brewing Polish’s Dry Hopped Amber Ale (Mike “Polish” Frankowicz)
-Vertigo Brewing Friar Mike’s IPA (Mike Haines & Michael Kinion)
-The Commons Menkel Belgian Single with Rye and Spelt (Mike Wright)
-Laurelwood Micah’s Firkin Workhorse IPA (Micah Bell and Mike DeKalb)
-Migration Mike-gration Scottish Ale (Michael Branes)


Mike Haines and Michael Kinion of Vertigo Brewing at MikeFest at Roscoe's Pub during the kickoff of KillerBeerWeek at Roscoe's Pub

It was great to see so many Mikes under one roof. Now we are conditioning our livers for KillerPumpkinFest at The Green Dragon which looks to tap about 40 gourd-eous brews. For a full list of events happening during KillerBeerWeek, go to http://brewpublic.com/events

Here’s some photos from the Saraveza’s 4th Anniversary party and KillerBeerSummit / MikeFest at Roscoe’s Pub: