Whitewatering with Women Enjoying Beer

Nothing exemplifies the ideal Oregon summer better than whitewater rafting, a refreshing Oregon-brewed craft beer and fresh foods. Whitewater Warehouse, and Women Enjoying Beer have come together to offer this and more through a special Rogue River whitewater rafting trip on July 18 – 20. Participants will raft and kayak along Oregon’s stunning Rogue River, sample craft beers in tastings led by a beer specialist, savor wonderful meals and rejuvenate in a riverside lodge.

The trip is coordinated by Joy Henkle and Bob Meister, owners of White Water Warehouse. They share a passion for helping others enjoy the excitement, wonder, beauty and relaxation of Oregon Rogue River rafting, kayaking and hiking trips. With 27 years in the business and a staff of professional guides who have been with the company long-term, they provide a world-class experience and peace of mind. Henkle says, “We strive to provide unique trips that blend the pleasures of Oregon, and our state’s craft beers and fresh foods pair perfectly with rafting. We’re excited to offer this wonderful opportunity.”

The Rogue River is one of America’s designated ‘wild and scenic’ rivers, granting special protection to rivers that possess “outstandingly remarkable scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, historic, cultural or other similar values,” according to the government program’s website. It has been named a top rafting and recreation destination by National Geographic and USA Today and draws thousands of visitors annually.

The featured beers hail from Ninkasi Brewing of Eugene, Oregon, a rising star in the craft beer industry. Ginger Johnson, Women Enjoying Beer founder, will guide participants through a flight of their tasty and innovative beers each evening. She’ll offer tasting tips to open senses and palates to the many complexities beer has to offer, and share fascinating background on brewing and ingredients. Johnson consults with breweries on marketing to women, hosts tasting events and works with brewpubs to establish beer appreciation groups and organize special events. “When Joy suggested this trip, I knew it was brilliant and couldn’t wait to get involved,” Johnson remarked.

The price for this all-inclusive adventure is $880, including meals from lunch the first day through lunch the last day, lodging, guides, gear, shuttle at the trip’s end, government fees and, of course, nightly Oregon craft beer tastings. Accommodations are comfortable private cabins (double occupancy) on the Rogue.

Those interested in attending, or receiving more information can contact White Water Warehouse at 1-800-214-0579, fun@whitewaterwarehouse.com or whitewaterwarehouse.com.

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