Widmer Citra Blonde Summer Seasonal Goes National

Citra Blonde Summer Brew Gets New Name, Updated Look and Expanded Distribution.

Widmer Brothers Brewing is taking its summer seasonal national beginning this spring. Introduced in 2010 as Sunburn Summer Ale, it returns in 2011 as Citra Blonde Summer Brew. Bottles will contain the same crisp ale inside while sporting a new name and design on the outside.

“At Widmer Brothers, we’re always looking for opportunities to give our brews an interesting twist, and the Citra hops did just that for Citra Blonde Summer Brew,” said Rob Widmer, co-founder of the brewery. “The hops give this refreshing summertime brew hints of grapefruit and orange flavors, making it the perfect outdoor, warm-weather beer.”

A relatively new variety, Citra hops helps create a balanced and flavorful beer with little bitterness. Citra Blonde Ale offers a subtle hop aroma complemented by a light caramel body. Limited to West Coast distribution last year, Citra Blonde Summer Brew will be available across the rest of the U.S. this year as well. The beer features Widmer Brothers’ new packaging design, which was unveiled last month and provides consumers with a quick lesson on flavor points, style and recommended glassware, as well as other beer and Widmer Brothers facts.

“Citra Blonde Summer Brew is the resurrection of our original Sunburn Summer Ale recipe, only with a new name to highlight the hops that lend their unique character to this beer,” continued Rob Widmer. “This seasonal was a quick favorite last year, and we’re excited to be offering it to a larger audience this summer.”

Citra Blonde Summer Brew is one of four seasonal beers that Widmer Brothers will release over the course of the year. This tradition hearkens back to 1986, when brothers Kurt and Rob became the first brewers to release a series of beers to celebrate each of the seasons.

Flavor notes (provided by Widmer):

Soft malty notes

Pleasant, slightly sweet finish

Crisp hop character

Grapefruit and orange flavor and aroma

Malts: Pale and caramel malt

Hops: Alchemy and Citra

Ingredients and Profile:

Bitterness: 15 IBU

Alcohol by Volume: 4.3 percent

Original Gravity: 10.48° PLATO