Widmer's 1,750-Barrel Tank Installation

That's not Sputnik, it's a new 1750-bbl ferementation tank being crane lifted into Widmer's brewhouse

By D.J. Paul

As published yesterday here on Brewpublic, today is when Widmer has their first two of four new 1,750-bbl fermentation tanks installed. That is a lot of beer and the largest tanks in the Pacific Northwest.

Sam, Ben and Joey under umbrellas waiting for the show to begin. Having found out over the weekend that the installation would begin around 8:00 a.m. this morning I arrive around 8:30 a.m. to be greeted by a nice Portland mist. I set up shop under a tree when a few others started to arrive to take on this engineering challenge. Ben Edmunds and Sam Barber from Breakside Brewing stopped by along with Alex Ganum from Upright Brewing to take it all in. Widmer brewer Doug Rehberg was also going back and forth from our location to the brewhouse making sure all was running
smoothly. There may have been a few libations consumed while waiting for the installation to begin. Good thing Kona Longboard Lager is now available in cans!

As we waited patiently across the street from the Widmer Brewhouse, Rob Widmer strolled by and provided us with a nice Widmer canopy to stand under. Once we put the canopy in place Rob proceeded to offer us up some fresh hot coffee that hit the spot while the mist eventually turned into a heavier rain. While waiting a little longer a few more Widmer employees started showing up as word spread that the installation was about to begin. Once the massive crane started lifting the first tank up off the flatbed truck there were about 30 people outside watching as the heavier rain we once were dealing with started to let up to a more enjoyable mist.

The installation of one tank took about an hour. Doug mentioned that these two newly added tanks will be up and running in a few weeks after some additional welding and electrical work takes place.

Doug looking at the first of his new twins
You can see all of D.J. Paul’s photos from Widmer’s initial tank installation on Flickr here.

If you missed out on the fun today, the last two tanks will be hauled here to Portland in early June for installation on June 4th.