2010 Beer Bloggers Conference Video Recap

The 2010 Beer Bloggers Conference in Boulder, Colorado was a LOT of fun and great learning experience. If you attended the 2010 Beer Bloggers Conference, you might have seen Sean McNeal from Wayward Productions wandering around with a camera. Thanks to Sean, who donated his services, the world’s first Beer Bloggers Conference has a video to document the event.

The 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference will be August 19-21 in Portland, Oregon. One main draw of Portland is that we have more breweries than any other city in the world and it is an choice for a bigger better event. Registration is now open at http://www.BeerBloggersConference.org. Conference organizer Allan Wright of Zephyr Productions says “We had 108 attendees at our 2010 conference and expect this conference will sell out at 160 bloggers and other industry members.

“We are also very excited to announce the first Beer Bloggers Conference in Europe, taking place May 20-22 in London. All the details are on the same website and we’d love to have some North American bloggers travel to London to represent our beer blogger scene.”