Beerhunting From the Eastside

Brewpublic’s Marc Demeule reports on the Brasserie Bénélux third anniversary party. Here’s our Quebecois correspondent’s report:

Brasserie Benelux
Brasserie Benelux

Weather did cooperate (25° C[77° F]) for the third anniversary of the Bénélux. This microbrewery is located in Montréal, QC and offers most every type of beer you could wish for. The quality of their brews is exceptional and consistent. All products are on tap and all of us here expect (it’s the same for every good brewery) bottling in a future project.

Benelux Yakima IIPA and Lager Porter
Anniversaire IIPA and Black Cherry Brett

A pretty good beer menu was offered for this special event. 12 beers on tap and one special Black Cherry Brett beer on cask. I shall continue my training with brett beers because did not appreciate it. A strange beer. Maybe the cask did not improve it…

I had a designated driver, so could enjoy this evening with real glasses instead of tastings. I had a glass of Barleywine (10,5% ABV) that was resinous, hoppy and well balanced. A Batch #200 Porter Lager (5,8% ABV) was sweet and tasted of chocolate and coffee. 2008 and 2009 vintages of Anniversaire IIPA (8,1% and 9% ABV, respectively) were on hand. Aging an IPA makes for some surprising results. In that case, less hop flavour, but nothing left in the overall impression. The Yakima American Pale Ale (5,7% ABV) is creamy and hoppy with enough malt to support it. Refreshing! An Ergot 2008 Tripel Rye Saison (9,3% ABV) was a good mix of malt and fruits.

In summary, it was a great anniversary party with sun, great people (okay, very great people), and of course, great beers. For sure we will be part of it next year.

Long life to Le Bénélux!