Beertrek in Vermont

Following my last post on Lawson’s Road, here are the places we visited to complete this beer trip.

American Flatbread.  Every stay in Burlington brings us there.  Incredible pizzas combined to homebrews, branded as Zero Gravity Beers.  Weather allowed us to enjoy the patio, with pints of Z.G. TLA ipa on cask and Southern Tier Iniquity.  I have to admit that I did excellent choices but the board of draught beers from beyond told me that we definitely need to come back.

A quick stop to a souvenir shop is essential to pick up a jar of the legendary Roasted garlic beer mustard from Otter Creek brewing.  They certainly put something in that mustard because you always buy another one.

Three Penny Taproom I don’t know if there are a lot of things to do in Montpelier.  It seems to be a very quiet town surrounded by US flags.  But I changed my mind.  There is a little taproom in the middle of the city that will (I wish) educate and change the beer drinking habits of the residents of this little town.  Great choice of beers on tap & bottles.  I had a draught of Pennichuck Pozharnik and a Sierra Nevada Summerfest.  They event had La Terrible (Unibroue) on tap.  Something I’ve never seen in Québec!  Depending on what they have on tap, this place will become a sure shot for our next trips in Vermont.

The Bobcat Cafe.   Brewmaster Mark Magiera was our host for this dinner at the Bobcat. Ten different beers are offered.  App-Gap IPA (6,1 % abv, 69 IBU dominated with Simcoe hop) and the Baltic porter (8,3 % abv) were my preferred brews.  We also had the chance visit the brewery in the basement.

Mr. Pickwick’s at Ye Olde England Inne Try to figure an old English polo club, with a huge selection of taps and a complete selection of beer bottles.  We could almost felt being in England for a while.  I took a glass of Kassel Rouge.  Simply in-cre-di-ble! Stone Old Guardian and Russian Imperial Stout has been tasted too and I took a dessert with a Southern Tier Unearthly IPA.  Thanks to the designated driver.

The Alchemist pub & brewery It is not the first time I wrote about this place.  Of course, it’s on the way back to Montréal, but food and brews are always good.  This time, the brewer John did let us visit the brewery in the basement.  On regular beer menu, I took one Holy Cow (brewed with 5 different hops: 85 IBU) and a Light Weight (German Pilsner malt + American hops: 12 IBU), absolutely refreshing.  With the guided tour, we had samples of the Crusherth (well, you certainly get it…).  Having such a brewpub in my town would be nice. (double IPA, 9%) and of the 999 barley wine which will be released on September 9

Pit stop Every short trip to the USA means that Winooski Beverage WarehouseBrooklyn Brewery Local 1 in the liquor section.  Hopefully, things changed (the law has been aborted) and the beer choice in Winooski in now better than ever and the prices are honest.  For sure we will be back. will be part of it.  There are 2 little beer stores in Burlington, but Winooski offers a now a new variety of products that could satisfy every throat.  Why did I mention now?  Because there was a law in Vermont.  Beers over (I guess it was 9 %) where not allowed to be sold.  I remember buying a