Microhopic Brewers To Release Limited Tribute Brews

This Saturday Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern will host Brewpublic’s first Microhopic event featuring four Oregon nanobreweries.Two of the participating breweries, Big Horse of Hood River and Mount Tabor of Southeast Portland, each have announced the release of a special commemorative brew dedicated to American heroes.

Mount Tabor brewer Eric Surface will be unveiling Blonde for Bob, dedicated to hall-of-fame baseball great Bob Uecker. Uecker recent underwent heart surgery and is expected to miss several weeks from his job as Milwaukee Brewers play-by-play commentator.  Surface describes Blonde for Bob as “a lightly hopped summer ale with Pilsen and a touch of honey malt. We love the Milwaukee Brewers and what better opportunity to show the love than our first event at Saraveza. Blonde for Bob is our standard Soapbox Blonde Ale with a ‘Sconsin twist. Mr. Baseball had heart surgery in early May and we made this beer with him in mind. Get well soon, Bob.”

Big Horse brewer Jason Kahler, similarly, will be releasing a special tribute brew of his own. Cherry Coleman, a 6.5% ABV brew is a salute to the late Gary Coleman, famous for his role on the popular 80’s sitcom Different Strokes. Says Kahler “This beer is my Nightmare Oatmeal Stout with a generous amount of Montmorency sour cherries I picked last summer. (It was) brewed in honor of one the greatest actors of my generation.”

Look for other beers from these two brewers as well as specialties from Ambacht Brewing of Hillsboro and Rivergate Brewing of North Portland.

Come to Microhopic Fest at Saraveza (1004 North Killingsworth Street, Portland, Oregon) starting at 5pm on Saturday June 19, 2010.


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