More Than Great Music from the Von Trapp Family.

By Jean De Ieso

Nestled in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont we found a real treasure at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe. Established in 1950, this piece of heaven on earth became the home and refuge of the Von Trapp family after escaping from Nazi Austria (you did see the Sound of Music, right?) during WWII. Still owned and operated by members of the Von Trapp family, a new addition appeared in 2010, a brewery. This was the fulfillment of a long held dream of Johannes Von Trapp.

Arriving for lunch on a steamy overcast summer day, what a treat to discover that along with our German lunch of bratwurst, sauerkraut and warm potato salad, a fine selection of local brews was available. The newly opened brewery offered Trapp Hills Lager, a light fare, Trapp Summer Ale, Trapp Vienna Lager, a delicious amber, and the richly dark Dunkel Lager. A small sample of each brought rave reviews.

The outdoor dining, service, food, and especially the brews all rate five stars. The perfect way to end our Vermont get-away!

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