New Bottle Shop to Open Friday

Portland’s latest bottle shop Saraveza plans on opening their doors this Friday, October 17, 2008.

According to proprietor and beer lover, Sarah Pederson, Saraveza, pending a few last minute permits plans to unveil a new and innovative business at 1004 N. Killingsworth (at the corner of N. Michigan just west of the I-5 Interstate).

Saraveza will cater to lovers of American and Belgian craft beer and offer a unique and tasty array of “yummy traditional Cornish pasties as well as other savory pasties in a variety of flavors. The focus of the food is fresh and big with an emphasis and on seasonal availability.”  There will also be some unique breweriana at Saraveza.

Pederson says “I hope to open with a selection (of beer) big enough to fill the two coolers I recently bought. I figure that will bring me up to about 150 types of beer. There will also be a decent tap selection at the bar. Eventually, I hope to have additional cooling; my dream is to have 500 types of beer.”

Pederson modestly claims she is no beer expert, just an enthusiast but is quite knowledgeable about craft beer.  She has taken the American Brewers Certification Class, done an internship with Hair of Dog, worked in the cellars of New Old Lompoc and dabbled in homebrewing.  “I’ve done a lot of beer pairing, purchasing and employee instruction when I worked at Pix Patisserie. Even with all that experience, I know that this town is full of beer heads that know SO much more about beer than I could pretend to. I hope to meet all those people, learn from them and give them an excuse to leave the house.”  We can’t wait!

Saraveza will be open from 5pm-midnight, closed Tuesdays, and will have lunchtime hours coming soon.

Beer coolers at Saraveza
Beer coolers at Saraveza

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