Rogue Dragon Update from the Inside

The saga continues.

Andrew Self (left) with Fred Eckhardt
Andrew Self (left) with Fred Eckhardt

This just in from Green Dragon Founders Club member Andrew Self:

I just got back from a meeting between Brett Joyce and the Green Dragon Founders, and I have to say, I don’t hate the whole deal as much as I did when it was announced.  The Founders Club is staying, as is the Mug Club–though the Mug Club is rising in price.  According to Jim (who was also there), Ed was going to raise the price of the Mug Club anyway.  The food menu will see a shakeup and some of the more expensive dishes will get their walking papers and the food will likely return to a more pub-ish feel.  Live music will likely also be gone, though previously-booked acts will still be honored.  Of issue is both the stage taking up space and being non ADA-compliant as well as bad experiences with live music in Rogue venues in the past.  Video Poker will appear, though it will be mostly hidden by state law–it can’t be within line of sight of minors, and Rogue doesn’t want the pub to be unfriendly to families and minors.

Andrew Self

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