Southport Brewing Company

Paul Stanley and Jean De Ieso at Southport Brewing Co

By Jean De Ieso

New England offers a plethora of destinations for day or weekend trips, year round. So it happened that a three hour drive south brought us to Stamford, CT (very close to the New York border) for the purpose was visiting high-end antique malls. Arriving in town just as the St. Patrick’s Day parade was in full swing, we decided to check out SBC Restaurant & Brewery as they were revving up for the post parade crowd. We had heard wonderful things about the local beers, brewed by Southport Brewing Company. Tap handles at SBC

It was noon, they had just opened, and everyone had their welcome faces on (in addition to their green hats and uniforms). We decided to sit at the bar to get an up close look at what was on tap. Because of the time of day I ordered Southport’s Big Head Blonde, an exciting and very light bodied ale, custom brewed with 50% malted wheat. Truly wonderful!

Brewery at Southport Brewing Co

Ladies at SBC in Stamford, CT

My companion, Paul, ordered Southport’s Pilsner, an authentic Czech Pilsner, light in body, crisp, crafted with Belgian malt.

Lunch consisted of the perfect Reuben sandwich served with the world’s best homemade pub chips. We could have stayed and spent the whole weekend sampling their food and beverages, but alas the place had filled up and folks were waiting for our seats.

Pints of Pilsner at SBC

Upon leaving we met the SPC’s general Manager Marc Capasso, who thanked us for coming and gifted us with a complimentary growler of the Pilsner. Who could have thought that the perfect lunch could have been improved upon!

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