Thanksgiving Beer in Barcelona

Jean De Ieso (center) with friends for Thanksgiving in Barcelona, Spain

By Jean De Ieso

Moritz lagerWhen given the option of spending Thanksgiving at home or heading to Barcelona for a week, the choice was easy. Tapas won out over turkey. Barcelona is a uniquely beautiful city located on the east coast of Spain, and situated on the Mediterranean. The city features delicious food, breathtaking sites and of course, great beverages. Most people would say that Spain is most famous for its wines, but beer being my choice beverage, I sought out the local brews. Every restaurant offered local foods and beers, and I never missed an opportunity to try both. A widely popular beer in Spain is San Miguel, with a light aroma and smooth taste. This was my first sampling. But my favorite was Moritz, brewed locally in Barcelona, the flavor was light, a perfect pairing to the delicious seafood feast of the evening. The Casa Leopoldo Restaurant, located in the heart of the Ravel district was the perfect venue to celebrate my friend Barbara Williams landmark birthday. Service, food, and most importantly, the beer were all excellent.

San Miguel lager

Buenos tiempos, buena comida, buena cerveza!