Walking Man Releases Memorial Fund "Walking Back Home" ISA

Walking Man Head Brewer James Landers honors his mother Shari who recently passed from cancer by brewing a delicious India Session Ale in her memory.

Our friend James Landers is an excellent brewer who is the man currently behind the delicious craft beers at Walking Man. When he asked us to pass this along, it was a no-brainer. Read his words below, give generously, and drink up! Cheers!

James Landers and his lovely wife SofiaHello, my name is James Landers and I am the Head Brewer at Walking Man Brewing in Stevenson, WA. A few months ago my mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given anywhere from weeks to a year to live. The cancer was quick and aggressive; I lost my mother just a couple months after the diagnosis. During that time we threw everything we had at making her comfortable, medications, and hospital visits and the bills and back rent piled up. We have always been a blue collar working family living check to check so this has been a huge financial blow to us. Fortunately we have great friends and an amazing community to help and support us. Extra fortunately two of those people are Bob Craig, the founder and owner of Walking Man Brewing, and Kevin Waters, the owner/operator of Backwoods Brewing.

Bob graciously agreed to let me create a fundraising memorial beer for my family and in honor of my mother. Kevin contributed half of the ingredients and will be using Backwoods as another outlet in which to pour the beer and raise money. Each brewery will be contributing a dollar per pint sold to help with my family’s costs stemming from this ordeal. So I guess what I am asking from you is maybe just a quick tweet, shout out, article, blog, blurb, or anything really to announce what we are doing here. Here’s some details on the beer:

Releasing today 8/28 at Walking Man Brewing’s taproom and soon at Backwoods.

Walking Back Home ISA
4.2% ABV
55 est. IBU

The beer pours a pale gold with a thick cream head. Brewed with Columbus, Centennial, Ella, and Summer hops the nose hits with pine and herbal notes with just a bit citrus. The hops are well balanced by the light malt body creating resinous flavors of melon, mint, and a touch of tangerine. Finishes fairly dry with a medium bitterness.

Here is the link to my mother’s memorial page: http://sharilanders.blogspot.com/
She was a tough and amazing lady who worked hard and lived a storied life.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me back.

Thank you for your time and call your mother!


James Landers
Walking Man Brewing