Weekend In Review

Sarah, Margaret, and Ryan

Of course, the Holiday Ale Fest was at front and center of craft beer hoppenings over the weekend and throughout much of last week. Again, it was another beer filled weekend with a lot going for it. We’ve decided it best to provide our review with mostly pictures and a few captions. Then, I’m hitting the bricks and flying to New England to visit friends and family.

Saraveza's Sarah Pederson (left) and baby Roxie

Brewpublic threw a contributors party-like gathering to thank some of our sponsors, writers, and those who have made it possible for us to maintain our blog over the past few years. It was great to see these folks who have been so instrumental in helping us do what we do.

(Left to right) Brewpublic contributor Curtis Barnard, Saraveza's Ryan Pederson, Brewpublic co-founder Aaron Miles, and Brewpublic contributor and artist Matthew DiTullo

Brewpublicans gather to share in a bounty of grubbin’ brews, many of which we extricated from the depths of our cellar below.

Jason, Margaret, and Elsa keep warm by the fire

Omnipresent Charles Culp and Mt. Tabor Brewing's Eric Surface shared some great beers. Charles opened a bottle of 2007 Goose Island Christmas, and Eric setup a keg of Mt. Tabor's amber ale in our kegerator and brought a growler of the Sibeerian Bull Imp Stout

Teresa Culp snaps a picture of jolly Santa...oh, wait...

Brewpublic contributor and Breakside brewer Ben Edmunds brought bottles of Bell's 9000 and 10000 Ale. Sadly the 10000 broke but the 9000 was awesome and we were just happy to see our friend

A special cellared keg of 1008 Cascade Saison was tapped later in the night for the Brewpublic faithful

Brewpublicans of all ages gather

Margaret and Peter Vaughn Shaver enjoy some party snacks

My bad!

Christy and Shane were in attendence. Shane is one of Brewpublic's oldest friends and known for his help in the "You Might Be A Beer Geek If..." posts

Ezra aka "Samurai Artist" and Angelo bro out towards the end of the evening

More beer!

...Then some horseplay

Whiskey? Why not


Brewpublic co-founders Margaret and Angelo closing the door on one fun night

Some beers drunk Saturday

So many good beers were sampled on Saturday that it literally sent our heads spinning. Some favorites included a 2008 Cascade Blackberry Sour, 2006 Pelican Stormwatcher, 2006 Fishtale Poseidon, 2004 Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball, 2007 Neige Ice Cider, a bunch of New Glarus stuff.

more beer

and even more beer

It was a fun and wild weekend, if not for just Saturday alone. On Sunday, we headed over to Alameda Brewhouse to sample some beers thanks to brewer Sean White (also a Brewpublic contributor). While there, we hung out with our good friend Alex Ganum of Upright Brewing. We are excited to learn about the up and coming opening of the Grain and Gristle, a new pub that Ganum has a stake in.

Upright's Alex Ganum (left) and Alameda's Sean White

At Alameda we sampled the seasonal Papa Noel’s Olde Ale as well as a tasty golden and a pale ale.Following our brew session at Alameda, Alex and I headed up the street a few blocks to Bottles, where we enjoyed some awesome pours thanks to founders Brant Kunze and Shawn Meyer. On tap we tasted Cascade’s Autumn Gose, Everybody’s Oatmeal Stout, and 6 Rivers Framboise. Then we opted for bottles of 3 Fonteinen’s Kriek and Geueze (the later is arguably the best brew ever tasted by us).

Bottles founders Brant and Shawn

3 Fonteinen bottle pours at Bottles

6 Rivers Framboise

So there you have it. Most of what we remember from our action packed weekend. See you on the flipside!

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