Crux Arrives In The Puget Sound Area

Crux Fermentation Project

For those of us in Oregon we have had the pleasure to be drinking Crux Fermentation Project beers for the past 1-1/2 years. Led by legendary brewer Larry Sidor along with Dave Wilson and Paul Evers this trio opened their doors in Bend, OR on June 30, 2012. Since this time they have invaded better beer bars throughout Oregon and now have their sights set on the Puget Sound area. Crux has just finished hand-bottling three new beers and are delivering them and a few others to bottle shops across the Northwest.

Here is more from Crux’s press release…..

Aged for more than a year in Oregon pinot noir barrels, our Strong Belgian Ale develops complex flavors remininscent of dried fruit, vanilla and sherry. The French oak provides tannic counterbalance to the syrupy dark candi sugar. And like its unaged counterpart, its vibrant reddish-black hue, substantial body and pleasant headiness give it an alluring first impression—but watch your back. This beer has done hard time.

FREAKCAKE [Banished] | OUD BRUIN ALE | 375 ML | 10.5% ABV, 35 IBU
We’ve taught an old brown new tricks The brunette hue is derived from roasted Belgian aromatic malts and fruity esters are augmented by lemon and orange zest. For a further twist, Brettanomyces induced secondary fermentation flecked with sour cherries, raisins, cranberries and figs for a mildly acidic ale. Enjoy this gift now or even freakier as it ages somewhere dark for the ultimate re-gift.

TOUGH LOVE [Banished] IMPERIAL STOUT | 375 ML | 11.5% ABV, 70 IBU
Tough Love is bold but nuanced, an homage of sorts to the traditional Russian Imperial Stouts and the ruling style of Catherine the Great. We construct it with dark roasted malts, malted rye, and oak-smoked wheat, and then banish it in Kentucky bourbon barrels. The aging process smooths out the edges on an otherwise bold statement, and bitterness succumbs to tender strokes of vanilla beans, hints of dried cherries, and new layers revealing themselves with each sip.

Banished Series beers are hidden away for months in oak barrels, allowing flavors to mature, meld and mellow. Some beers in this series also contain live yeast, making them good candidates for cellaring at home.

As you may know, we designed our 11,000-hectolitre brewery to allow for non-traditional brewing methods like oak barrel aging, wild yeast strains and experimental hops. These new beers are the long-awaited fruits of those labors.

All our beer is bottled and labeled by hand in small batches right at the brewery. Brewmaster Larry Sidor is always in pursuit of the next great beer, whether by reinterpreting a classic style or abandoning it altogether. Check out these additional special ales, including our newest Imperial Mosaic IPA, Half Hitch.

HALF HITCH Imperial Mosaic IPA | 375 ML |10% ABV, 80 IBU
Hops climb up twine that’s just loosely tied to the trellis—and this Imperial IPA is just loosely tied to tradition. The Mosaic hop imparts surprisingly floral aromas instead of the more expected grapefruit-y notes. On the palate, complex layers of flavors might remind you of guava, mango, stone fruit and lemon, unraveling your idea of what an Imperial IPA should be.

DOUBLECROSS Belgian Dark Ale | 375 ML |11% ABV, 20 IBU
This is the original Doublecross prior to aging. A vibrant reddish-black hue, substantial body and pleasant headiness give this dark Belgian-style ale an alluring first impression. The intense flavors of dark candi sugar conspire to deceive with flavors that remind us of preserved fruits and holiday spicing, but the true agent is the Trappist yeast-and a suspicious drinkability.

OUTCAST India Pale Ale | 500 ML | 8% ABV, 60 IBU
This time of year, there is no more coveted hop than the Galaxy from Australia, which was originally populated by England’s outcast convicts. Outcast IPA employs these hops aggressively from hop back to dry hopping stages. Yet the result is a balanced and bronzy ale, with medium hop bitterness complemented by moderate maltiness, showcasing aromas and flavors reminiscent of passion fruit. Released on the heels of Northwest-hopped Insider IPA, Outcast is a secret handshake between hemispheres.

IMPASSE Saison | 500 ML | 6.6% ABV, 25 IBU
When we set out to brew a saison, we were at an impasse: an open fermentation process would give us more interesting, complex flavors, but a closed fermentation process would give us more control and, let’s be honest, more beer. We decided to honor the history of the French saison, and give that farmhouse yeast a little room to breathe. Our open fermentation process coaxes out peppery, herbal and slightly tart attributes, and releases slightly smokey, earthy esters, while a kiss of acidulated malt and wheat lends the perfect complement.

If you’re in Bend, stop by the Tasting Room at 50 SW Division Street, Bend, Oregon 97702.

Crux Fermentation Porter

Locations where Crux is available in the Puget Sound area.

Beer Junction
4511 California Ave. SW, Seattle

Beveridge Place Pub
6413 California Ave. SW, Seattle

1710 N 45th St., #3,  Seattle

Brouwer’s Café
400 N 35th St., Seattle

Chuck’s Hop Shop
656 NW 85th St., Seattle

Full Throttle Bottles
5909 Airport Way S, Seattle

3201 1st Ave. S, Seattle

Naked City
8564 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle

The Pinebox
1600 Melrose Ave., Seattle

The Wurst Place
510 Westlake Ave. N, Seattle

Tippe & Drague Alehouse
3315 Beacon Ave. S, Seattle

99 Bottles
35002 Pacific Hwy. S, Federal Way

14608 Hwy 99, #307 Lynnwood

Eastside Club Tavern
410 4th Ave. E, Olympia

Gravity Bottle Shop
1001 4th Ave. E, Olympia

The Red Hot
2914 6th Ave., Tacoma

The Swiss Tavern
1904 Jefferson Ave., Tacoma