Crux Fermentation Project Partners with Columbia Distributing

Crux Fermentation Project

(Bend, OR.) It’s time. The crew at Crux Fermentation Project has met its threshold to self-distribute its limited quantities of experimental, artisan ales. After completing a thoughtful and thorough selection process, Crux is excited to announce its partnership with Columbia Distributing and its newly assembled team focused exclusively on specialty craft beer.

At the heart of Crux’s brewing pursuits are those special artisan beers that are experimental and high-touch. Larry Sidor, Crux Fermentation Project Founder and Brewmaster, expands: “The complexity and nuance of barrel-aged beers like our [BANISHED] Tough Love and [BANISHED] Freakcake are what get us brewers really inspired.” These beers are of limited quantity, and the challenge for Crux has been in effectively reaching a broader geographic area beyond Central Oregon and Portland. “We’re excited to share our [BANISHED] beers with more beer lovers in the northwest along with our crowd favorites such as Outcast IPA and Impasse Saison.”

“We recognize the importance of reaching more quality points of distribution so that discerning craft beer drinkers can more easily find Crux beers— both in bottles and on draft,” said Russell Crecraft, Crux Fermentation Project President. “Columbia [Distributing] has assembled an impressive team of craft aficionados that understand the importance of quality. They get that there is a valuable niche for these special beers— there’s significant alignment behind the vision for Crux’s future.”

Crux Owners

The agreement will expand the footprint of Crux in both Oregon and Washington. While not entirely new markets for Crux, Columbia Distributing can support more locations and increase frequency of delivery, two important tasks that Crux could not fulfill on their own. Adds Sidor: “Self-distribution requires a great deal of effort that distracts us from what we’re best at— making beer.”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Crux Fermentation Project. Our goal is to offer the world’s best beers to our customers. Crux fills that bill perfectly,” said Gregg Christiansen, CEO of Columbia Distributing. “The addition of Crux to our portfolio enables Columbia to supply beer from the region’s most exciting emerging craft brewery. We look forward to offering our customers the exceptional craft of legendary brewmaster Larry Sidor and his team in Bend,” Mark Walen, President of Columbia Distributing— Oregon.