Deschutes Brewery Creates Spiced Saison with Chef José Andrés

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Press Release:

November 10, 2014 –Bend, Oregon/Washington DC –Deschutes Brewery’s newest beer is an energetic and passionate synergy of the culinary and craft brewing worlds; created through a unique collaboration between renowned Chef José Andrés and Deschutes Brewery brewers. Over the past three years, Deschutes brewers have applied their expertise and enthusiasm for experimentation to create Zarabanda, a spiced saison reflecting Andrés’ innovative style and authentic, distinct flavors.

Gary Fish, founder of Deschutes Brewery, said, “Jose and I began discussing the idea of collaborating on a beer many years ago when he first came to Oregon to participate in our Sagebrush Classic Feast charity event. We’re all very excited with how the final beer turned out, and are looking forward to sharing it with craft beer fans and foodies around the country.”

Its name inspired by the Spanish Sarband dance (which, loosely translated, means popular fun or enjoyment; hubbub; racket; row; party), Zarabanda was brewed with lemon verbena, pink peppercorn, sumac and dried lime.  With a complex malt body formed from generous amounts of Vienna and Spelt malts, this saison uses a classic yeast strain that emphasizes the spicy notes true to this farmhouse style and contributes to light fruit esters. 6.7% ABV  | 18 IBUs

Chef José Andrés said, “One of the first times I ever went away from the DC area was to go to a beautiful place called Bend in the heart of Oregon, and that’s when I met Gary [Fish] and his family. Here we are after almost 20 years, and Deschutes Brewery has helped to bring my spirit into this beer and allowed me to become part of their family.”

Spurred by the creation of this beer, Deschutes Brewery recently announced plans to start distributing many of its beers in the greater Washington DC area. Launch events are planned in the region for November 18-20 to both celebrate the creation of Zarabanda and Deschutes’ expansion to the region.

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