Ninkasi Brewing's Releases Conservationale & Wünderbier Kölsch

Ninkasi Brewing Co.

Ninkasi Brewing has recently announced the release of two new beers, Conservationale and Wünderbier Kölsch that will reach the market in June. Conservationale will be a very limited release in 22-ounce bottles and on draft in Lane County. While Wünderbier Kölsch-Style ale will be available from June to August in 12-ounce and 22-ounce bottles and on draft throughout Ninkasi’s ever growing distribution footprint.

Conservationale is a Golden Ale that is brewed with the environment in mind and more specifically the largest ingredient in beer, water. Every brewer knows that their water source is extremely important and Ninkasi is helping out the McKenzie Water Trust with Conservationale. This beer is brewed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the organization that protects Eugene’s sole source of drinking water—the McKenzie River Trust. Ninkasi plans to donate all profits from the sale of Conservationale to the Trust to support its work protecting the McKenzie Watershed and other surrounding rivers in western Oregon.

Ninkasi Conservation Golden Ale Label

The pristine water of the McKenzie River is one of the primary reasons Ninkasi is located in Eugene, Oregon.  Conservationale celebrates the McKenzie River, which has been recognized locally, regionally and nationally for being one of the cleanest and best tasting sources of water in the world. All profits from the beer will support the McKenzie River Trust’s efforts to protect the McKenzie River, as well as other Western Oregon rivers.

“We know how lucky we are to brew with McKenzie River water,” says Jamie Floyd, founding brewer and co-founder of Ninkasi. “Conservationale is our way of thanking the McKenzie River Trust for their dedication to preserving this gem for Eugene. We’re able to brew and drink great beer locally because of its hard work!”

McKenzie River Trust“The people behind Ninkasi Brewing get it,” says Brandi Ferguson, the McKenzie River Trust’s donor relations manager. “Ninkasi values the source of their number one ingredient: clean water from the McKenzie River. And they invest generously in the community we all share. It has been a great pleasure partnering with Ninkasi over the years to help protect the river that provides our drinking water.”

Conservationale is a crisp, clean golden ale guided by a sweet malt flavor and a pleasantly subtle earthy hop profile. At 4.8% it’s light, refreshing and perfect for walks along the river and soaking up the warm weather outdoors.

“Conservationale is an ale that celebrates the pristine and delicious water of the McKenzie River,” says Floyd. “It really is all about the water!”

Conservationale Stats:

Style: Golden Ale
Series: R&D
Packaging: 22oz bottles and draft
Enjoyed Since: 2014
OG: 1048
IBU: 24
ABV: 4.8%
Malt: 2-Row Pale, Pilsner
Hops: Sterling, Hersbrucker

Distribution: Oregon


Description: Conservationale is a crisp, clean ale guided by a sweet malt flavor and a pleasantly subtle earthy hop profile. We brewed this beer to commemorate 25 years of the McKenzie River Trust and its dedication to keeping the McKenzie watershed pristine! All Ninkasi profits from this beer will go to help support this organization and its dedication to protect western Oregon rivers. It’s for the water!

Sample the Beer on the Land!
The public is invited to join the McKenzie River Trust for its annual Living River Celebration on Green Island, Saturday, June 28. Come explore where the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers come together on this 1,100-acre property owned by McKenzie River Trust.  Family-friendly activities include guided naturalist tours, tree climbing, canoeing, music, self-guided walks/runs and more. Visit the Ninkasi tent in the Hub to sample Conservationale! For a complete event schedule, visit:

What: Living River Celebration
When: Saturday, June 28
Where: Green Island
Price: Free and open to all ages!

Ninkasi Wünderbier Kolsch

With Ninkasi’s growing production capacity, they have a new summer seasonal, Wünderbier Kölsch-Style Ale, that will be hitting the market by the first of June. The Kölsch-Style ale is a great summer beer that is crisp, sweet and luminous.

Brewed in the traditional fashion, Wünderbier ferments at ale temperatures and is conditioned at colder lager temperatures, giving this golden-colored beer a subtle, crisp sweetness with a light flavor. Wünderbier has a light body and a dry yet crisp finish, offering a beer that is a balanced and sessionable.

“This Kölsch-style beer is perfect for chilling with friends,” says Jamie Floyd, founding brewer and co-founder of Ninkasi. “Crisp, delicate, bright, and light this beer allows us to enjoy each other’s company without distractions and is an exceptional pairing to summertime fare.”

Wünderbier Stats:

Style: Kölsch-Style Beer
Series: Seasonal Release Series
Available: June – August 2014
ABV: 4.4%
IBU: 22
Starting Gravity: 1044
Malt: 2-Row Pale, Pilsen, White Wheat
Hops: German Spalt

Packaging: 12 and 22-ounce bottles, draft
Distribution: Oregon; Washington; Idaho; Montana; California; Alaska; Nevada; and Vancouver, British Columbia


Description: Conquer summer with Wünderbier in-hand and say “cheers” to the pure and unadulterated fun of the season. In tribute to the favored beer of Cologne (Köln), Germany, this German-Style Kölsch is golden-colored with a subtle, crisp sweetness. A wonderful summer story awaits in every sip; it’s Wünderbier!

Tasting Notes: Fermented at ale temperatures and conditioned at colder lager temperatures, this golden-colored beer has a subtle, crisp sweetness with a light flavor. With a light body and a dry yet crisp finish, this beer is a balanced and sessionable, perfect for summertime enjoyment!

Food Pairings: Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Pastas, BBQ, Most Meats, Shortbread Cookies, Fruit Tarts

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