Victory Brewing Rolls Out Helles Lager to Entire Distribution Network

Victory Helles Lager

DOWNINGTOWN, PA, January 26, 2015 – In response to growing consumer demand and appreciation for a crisp-tasting lager beer, Victory Brewing Company (Victory) is excited to share their best-kept secret with full distribution of Victory Helles Lager to 35 states. Long held as an extremely popular favorite in the Philadelphia region because of the area’s longtime love affair with lagers, Victory Helles Lager is made in traditional German style creating a full-bodied golden brew with unsurpassed balanced flavors.

Originally known as Brandywine Valley Lager when it made its debut in 1996, this lager paid homage to Victory’s pristine water source, one of the four crucial ingredients in beer.  The brand transformed into Victory Lager and is now rebranded as Victory Helles Lager marrying the preservation of the traditional German style and the critical water source.  Historically, helles lagers have relied on high-quality, pure ingredients to excite the senses.  This flavorful brew does just that with its straw-blond coloring and lingering notes of Victory’s trademark whole flower hops that results in a delicious beer that is something of a refreshing throwback to when American brewing was largely inspired by Germany. Victory Helles Lager has an ABV of 4.8% and is available year-round in bottles and on draft.

Victory Helles Lager is available at craft beer bars, bottle shops, beer distributors and major gourmet grocery stores throughout Victory’s 35 state distribution footprint. It’s suggested retail price for a six-pack is $9.99, however varies slightly upon location. Use Victory’s Beerfinder to discover a nearby location, or download the free Victory Mobile app for Android or iPhone.

“Having trained in Germany, Ron and I are devoted to the balanced flavors of Helles Lager as it emphasizes our quality, imported ingredients.” Traditionally, the Philadelphia region has been home to some of the best lagers in the country and as this brand rose in popularity locally, we decided it was time to share our passion for Victory Helles Lager with all our fans and expand into full distribution.” said Victory’s President and Brewmaster, Bill Covaleski.