Yakima Chief, Inc. and Hopunion LLC to Combine Operations

Yakima Chief & Hopunion

Press Release

Yakima Chief, Inc. of Sunnyside, WA and Hopunion LLC of Yakima, WA announced today that the companies are combining their worldwide operations under a new parent company, Yakima Chief-Hopunion LLC (“YCH”). YCH will acquire the equity and assets of both companies and related entities, effective July 31, 2014.

Yakima Chief is an industry leader in providing hop products to domestic and international brewers of all sizes and is recognized for its excellence in operations and sustainability programs. Hopunion is the leading hop supplier to the craft brewing industry and has supported craft brewers through years of unprecedented growth.

Since 2006, Yakima Chief has held a minority share of Hopunion LLC while maintaining its own independent operations. By combining all operations under a single name, this transaction will create a worldwide leader in hop products and services that is 100% owned by hop growing families and capable of delivering the highest quality hop products to brewers of any size in any location. YCH will provide seamless interaction between growers and the brewers they serve, and deliver the quality and sustainability that brewers have come to expect from Yakima Chief and Hopunion.

“In a time of unparalleled market demand, this transaction allows us to provide long term stability to the brewing industry, builds on the rich heritage of our grower-owners, and further strengthens our commitment to investing in the industry’s future,” said Don Bryant of Hopunion LLC.

“Our grower-owners have always considered their investments in Yakima Chief and Hopunion as extensions of their family farms. We look forward to honoring that generational commitment with transparency, sustainable pricing, and an uncompromising dedication to quality,” said Steve Carpenter of Yakima Chief, Inc.

Yakima Chief-Hopunion LLC will be headquartered in Yakima, WA, with operations in Sunnyside, WA; Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium; Shenzhen, China; and Hong Kong. The company will be led by the senior management team of Don Bryant, Chief Executive Officer; Steve Carpenter, President and Chief Operating Officer; and Bill Betterton, Chief Financial Officer.

The two companies will begin operating as one on August 1, 2014 with full integration of all operations expected to be complete in 2015.

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