35 and Life to Go

Well, another one is gone. It will never come back so instead of complaining, we should better drink to that special event. We slightly did it and went to Montreal. Thanks to our designated driver.

Le Bélénux had a good selection, like usual. Cuda West Coast IPA could be their only beer available and I would still attempt to this brewery. Love it very much.

Corner of Saint-Denis and Ontario streets in Montréal offers three breweries and has been named L’axe du Malt by beer lovers. It is a good place to enjoy beer and you don’t have to worry a lot to find the next brewery. It was perfect for the event.

Le Saint-Bock had a good surprise for us: a Rogue Barleywine on tap. It was probably the Old Crusty Barleywine. I think they don’t brew others. Anyway, how can’t you be happy with this brewery? The tap selection also included two beers from Le Trou du Diable (so nice Fougueuse & Biscornue).

After a quick escape from a Zombie procession, we found a shelter at L’amère à Boire. Healthy food (if you ask for it but we didn’t) and a selection of 14 homebrews including seasonals.

Last station of our pilgrimage, Le Cheval Blanc. I was pleased to have a Simcoe IPA and a 110 IBU Imperial IPA, but there comes a time, maybe at 35, when all those good things must end. Filled and possibly questionable, we were safely driven back home before midnight. My mother will be happy to see her son reasonable.

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