5th Annual Orval Day at The BeerMongers

Orval Day at The BeerMongers
2013 Orval Day at The BeerMongers

Deep in the beer cellars of Portland, Sean Campbell, aka “John Beermonger”, secures a secret stash of one of the world’s best beers. Each and every year Campbell adds another year to this mix so he can offer his patrons at The BeerMongers a day that allows one to sample a vertical of Orval.

Early in BeerMonger lore the question was asked of founders Sean and Craig “What is your favorite beer?” In theory this is a difficult question but both answered “ORVAL” without pause. When they opened their doors back in 2009 they have picked one day a year to honor their all-time favorite. Join The BeerMongers as they celebrate the 5th Annual Orval Day on Sunday, October 12th beginning at 1:00pm.

Sean Campbell at Orval Day
Sean Campbell at Orval Day

Orval dates back to 1931 when the current brewery was built in the Gaume region of Belgium. The beer itself is one of many complexities. It pours a light yet cloudy appearance with enticing head but when you get to the aroma it ranges from spicy to earthy qualities along with its rustic flavor. But what sets this beer apart is its use of the Brettanomyces yeast strain that allows for some great qualities and variance as this beer ages. Fortunately The BeerMongers has you covered on this one.

And what better way to sample some vintage Orval than with some of the best American tributes to this outstanding beer. The BeerMongers will also be featuring Batch #1 Green Flash Rayon Vert, Vintages of Goose Island Matilda dating back to 2010, The Commons Flemish Kiss, Mikkeller Its Alive and other homages to Orval.

If you’re lucky you may also be able to win some sweet Orval swag. Plus Orval Day would not be complete without some repeated showings of the famous Orval video that discusses the brewing process and heritage.

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