A Great American Toast: Homebrewers Across the Country Unite for AHA Big Brew

Big Brew 2014

National Homebrew Day is fast approaching and takes place every year on May 7th. To help celebrate this day, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) celebrates AHA Big Brew on the first Saturday in May which happens to be on May 3rd this year.

This year, throughout the day on May 3, hundreds of bars, breweries, shops and clubs all over the country will host their local communities to brew on-site for a national, same-day homebrewing session. You can search for events in your local area byAmerican Homebrewers Association clicking here. If you don’t see your event you can register your local AHA Big Brew event here and join the conversation on Twitter with #BigBrew14.

At 10:00am Pacific Time, all homebrewers and beer lovers are encouraged to raise a glass of homebrew in a simultaneous toast that celebrates those who craft outstanding homemade beer, mead and wine for their friends and loved ones. A number of suggested homebrew recipes are selected for AHA Big Brew participants to follow. This year’s recipes—which consist of a pale ale, stout and dark lager—are all gold medal winners from last year’s National Homebrew Competition, the world’s largest beer competition.

Homebrew Day

There are over 1.2 million homebrewers in the United States. With one in every 200 adults in the U.S. now crafting their own beer, homebrewing has become one of the country’s fastest growing hobbies. AHA Big Brew is a toast to the nation’s homebrewers and their shared love and appreciation for homebrewed beer, mead and wine. In 2013, 8,500 people celebrated the AHA National Homebrew Day at 383 registered sites. Additionally, 2,200 batches created 17,000 gallons of homebrew enjoyed around the world. Last year, 49 U.S. states and 14 countries participated.

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