Assist Belmont Station In Becoming "Keepers of the Craft"

Belmont Station (photo courtesy of their Facebook page)

Our friends at Belmont Station need some assistance from all of us. They have been nominated among to the top beer bars in DRAFT Magazine’s “Keepers of the Craft” contest. This contest is designed to honor premiere beer bars across the country in their handling of beer, respecting beer, proper glassware and overall beer knowledge.

Belmont Station has already won head-to-head competitions with other beer bars from across the country. They have advanced from the original list of 64 beer bars to the Sweet 16 Round. Now being the only beer bar left from the Pacific Northwest they move on from the head-to-head competitions to now attempting to earn the top amount of votes amongst the 15 other beer bars from across the United States to be crowned “Keepers of the Craft”.

Belmont Station Biercafe

So how can you help out Belmont Station in honoring their amazing staff? Well you can vote every single day up until 8:59pm on July 31st from visiting every day this month. Voting is easy, just enter your birthdate to prove that you are 21 years of age or older and then vote. Not only will you be voting for one of Portland’s beer landmarks you can also enter yourself to win a kegerator.

PIlsner Urquell Brewery (photo courtesy of their Facebook page)

And if Belmont Station does become the winner of “Keepers of the Craft”, they will receive a limited release anniversary beer from Pilsner Urquell Brewmaster, Vaclav Berka. This beer will be part of a limited release anniversary batch on October 5th, (the official brewing anniversary date) and they will then ship the unfiltered beer back to the US in an oak cask, so beer lovers in Portland can enjoy it on November 11th (the official pouring anniversary date).

So vote early and daily!