Bad Habit Room to Host a “Farm to Table” Brewer’s Dinner With Agrarian Ales

Agrarian Ales

On Wednesday, June 11th, Saraveza’s next door brunch and event space, Bad Habit Room, will present a five course “Farm to Table” dinner and beer pairing with Agrarian Ales. This genuine Oregon farmhouse brewery focuses on producing beer made with their own and other locally grown ingredients. Saraveza chef, Matt Simons, and Agrarian head brewer, Tobias Schock, have composed a thoughtful menu that emphasizes the special ingredients in each beer as well as the terroir of the farm.

Situated slightly north of Eugene, Oregon in an old refurbished barn provided by the family ­run, Crossroads Farm, this brewery is a magical place that feels like a piece of the old world. This is a place where people work on the farm all day, eat the food they cultivate and grow, drink the beer they handcraft, go to bed, wake up and then do it all over again.

Beers from Agrarian Ales of Eugene, OR

“We are extremely proud to showcase Agrarian Ales at Bad Habit Room. Agrarian is one of Oregon’s best kept secrets as far as breweries go. Their small­batch authentic farmhouse ales are superb, unique and heartfelt. Having Tobias and Ben Tilley here to talk about living and brewing on a working farm will bring the drinking and dining experience full circle,” said Saraveza’s Beer Curator Erika Huston.

During his time at Agrarian Ales, Chef Simons saw the daily ritual of farmers finishing their work on the field and kicking their feet up with a pint in the brewery. There were people, young and old, driving through the country fields to fill up growlers with beer made with hops, herbs and peppers all grown on site. Inspired by the rural atmosphere and Schock’s knowledge of cultivation and fermentation as well as his desire to produce quality beer, Simons instantly knew that he would have to incorporate some of the farm’s bounty into the dinner to make the food and beer pairings shine.

Schock will be in attendance as will Ben Tilley, who grew up on Crossroads Farm and founded Agrarian Ales.

The dinner will begin at 6:00pm and the price is $55 plus a processing fee (gratuity not included). The dinner includes a five course menu with 6 beer pairings. Seating is limited. Tickets are on sale now at

The menu will consist of the following five courses:

  • ANTIPASTI: ­ Assorted canapés, fruit, cheese, mussels in Agrarian’s poblano chile broth. Field Beer Session Saison 4% abv
  • SOUP: ­ Spicy manhattan clam chowder with roasted corn & Agrarian’s fire roasted jalapenos. ­Indiginous Chile Corn Lager 5%abv
  • SALAD: ­ Asparagus in a lemon vinaigrette with new potatoes, shaved ham & soft poached egg. Belgener Weisse Agrarian’s Berliner Weisse 3.5% abv
  • INTERMEZZO BEER ­ Sunset ­Red Ale 5% abv
  • MAIN DISH: ­ Potato cake, white fish, spring vegetables with a tropical butter sauce. Seasonal Wit
  • DESSERT: ­ Belgian chocolate & fruit parfait. ­Belgian Blonde

Make sure to get your tickets in advance for this amazing night of food and beer pairings that you won’t soon forget.

Bad Habit Room
5433 N. Michigan Ave
Portland, OR 97217