Beer + Arcade = Beercade

Here’s a great idea we’re surprised hasn’t been done before: a beer dispensing arcade game. Meet the Beercade: an old-school arcade-style game with taps, drip trays and cup sensors in place of coin slots. Players insert a cup and fight to the bitter end and their reward: a cold beer. The Beercade was created by Durham, North Carolina ad agency McKinney to promote popular regional brewery Big Boss Brewing. The game is a basic fighting game featuring characters representing the five year-round Big Boss brews. The two dueling beer lovers fight to the death and the players are rewarded with a sample of Big Boss beer. The game isn’t for hard core gamers, but it’s certainly a great promotional tool that will no doubt be a hit for beer enthusiasts. We wouldn’t be surprised to see regional customizations of the Beercade start popping up at beer festivals and brewpubs across the country in the near future, and we look forward to testing it out!