Beers Made By Walking Portland Festival Tap List

Beers Made By Walking Portland Festival

As like most of us here in Portland, you most likely missed this past weekends Beers Made By Walking Festival that took place in Denver, Colorado during the Great American Beer Festival. Men’s Journal magaizne wrote some very positive things about the Denver event organized by Portland’s Eric Steen. Well you need not worry as the Portland version of this festival takes place on Saturday, October 11th at three locations all within walking distance of each other in Southeast Portland.

During this past year Beers Made By Walking led hikes that were held in conjunction with the Forest Park Conservancy through Portland’s Forest Park. The purpose of each hike was to allow the brewers that were featured on each hike to go into the wild and find ingredients that they can brew with. Since the BMBW summer hikes are now completed, founder Eric Steen has now organized an intriguing BMBW Festival.

Beers Made By Walking and the Forest Park Conservancy announce the release of sixteen new beers that gain their inspiration from the Oregon landscape. On Saturday, October 11th, all sixteen beers will be available at three of Southeast Portland’s famous beer bars: Cheese Bar, Belmont Station, and Horse Brass Pub. The festival will take place from Noon to 5:00pm and proceeds from the beer will be donated to the Forest Park Conservancy.

Beers Made By Walking

Eight of the beers come directly from the groups summer series of public hikes with brewers that was led by Forest Park Conservancy. The remaining beers come from state-wide breweries that have participated in other Oregon-based hikes. Examples of the brews that will be available include: a beer made with yeast and bacteria harvested in an old growth area of Forest Park, another will be brewed with Salal Berry, a berry that is seen in the late summer on some trails.

BMBW will serve 16 beers at three different bars, and we will have a walking tour between bars. Drinkers can visit any of the three pubs in any order from Noon to 5:00pm. For those interested in a scheduled walk between venues, Oregon Walks have organized a walking tour as part of their Walktober program. The tour begins at Belmont Station at Noon.

Belmont Station:

  • Claim 52 – GruitNoir – A juicey and herbaceous Gruit with a slight hint of oak. 6% 0IBU
  • Coalition – Walk A’brown – American Brown Ale with vanilla leaf, and hazelnuts smoked over Western Red Cedar. 5.75%, 15 IBU
  • Deschutes – Botanic Ale – A light and crisp beer with rye, wild sage, and meadowsweet inspired by a wildflower hike on the Middle Deschutes River.
  • Fort George – Spruce Budd Ale – 100% organic beer, brewed with only hand-picked spruce tips and 2-row barley. 5%, 0 IBU
  • Ground Breaker – Guild’s Lake Ale – A light and slightly hoppy ale brewed with blackberries, aged with ginger, and dry-mugged with mugwort. 5.5%, 35 IBU
  • Laurelwood – Saison de Walkle – Saison with rose hips and elderberries. 5.5%, 12 IBU
  • Seven Brides – Pseudo tsuga IPA – Light bodied IPA with a piney aroma and resiny flavor from the addition of Douglas Fir needle tea. 5.4%, 60 IBU
  • Thunder Island – Sour Darkness – Wild Yeast Harvested from Forest Park Old Growth. Dark, smooth and a puckering background that tastes like fall.

Cheese Bar:

  • Hopworks – Salal Slap – A bracingly sour Berliner Weisse with Salal berries.
  • Reverend Nat’s – The Elder Berry – Wildcrafted elderberries and western red cedar is hand-harvested are steeped in finished cider from Oregon grown apples with a touch of local raw honey added. 6.8%

Horse Brass Pub:

  • Agrarian – Oxalis Saison – Herbal saison with wild harvested oxalis and spruce tips, yarrow and river sage, and organic triticale. 5%, 0 IBU
  • Breakside – Just the Tip Spruced Wheat – Easy drinking American wheat ale made with locally foraged blue spruce tips that the brewers collect themselves. 4.5%, 13 IBU
  • Burnside – Cedar IPA – IPA aged with western red cedar which we think will blend nicely with the citrus and pine notes from this hop combination.
  • Flat Tail – High Side Botanical Ale – Blonde Ale with Rose hip and rose petal and infused with beets. 5.5%, 20IBU
  • Sasquatch – Walk in the Park – A well balanced IPA with just a touch of vanilla to compliment the unique flavor and aroma of Oregon Myrtle. 6.8%, 74IBU
  • Vagabond – The Wanderer – American Brown ale aged on white oak and Maple Syrup inspired by a walk at Peavy Arboretum. 5.5%, 32 IBU

May 24 hike

Locations for the Beers Made By Walking Festival in Southeast Portland:

  • Cheese Bar: 6031 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR
  • Belmont Station: 4500 SE Stark St, Portland, OR
  • Horse Brass Pub: 4534 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR
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