Bière et Bouffe IV

We recently had the fourth edition of this great event. Cooking with beer is a pleasure and should be included to every day recipes. Brewpubs with kitchens use their own products to create delicious meals, so why couldn’t we?

The guidelines we gave us were simple:

1- All the meals had to be cooked with beer.

2- You bring bottles of the beer used into the meal.

3- I’m not allowed to cook my beef stew anymore because it is too simple and I have to make a culinary effort.

Eleven people gather around the table and shared the following menu. We had small portions so everybody could, and did, taste everything. We eat enough so I could skip breakfast next morning. Good food, but hard times for my stomach. I chose to leave the menu in French, so it looks more exotic for our Portland readers. Be sure that most of those meals could figure on a brewpub menu. I’m sure of it and if you’re willing for the recipes, just ask or better, try it by yourself.


This event was also dedicated to beer, so we had several quality brews (just look at the menu) between services, making this event a great tasting session.

Bon appétit!