Black Bear XX Stout

Today, Green Bottling continued their work by filling 120 cases of Alameda Brewing Company‘s Black Bear XX Stout despite the snowy, wet conditions. The 2008 Great American Beer Festival gold medal winner pours midnight black.  Shiny, viscous with a very beautiful gray-brown head that clued me in that this would be a great beer. Full, smooth mouth feel with sweet, hoppy, yet incredibly well-balanced foreign styled stout. Syrupy, chocolaty, vanilla notes.  A perfect dessert beer great for baking and pairing.  Stop by the brewery and try in on draught.  And say hi to Eric the brewer for us.

Commercial description: Smooth, rich and creamy. Rye malt blends with roast and chocolate malts to create a new and delicious stout profile, balanced with soft and velvety hops. This northwest original is poured using the traditional nitrogen dispensing method, so it may take an extra minute to arrive, but the wait is worth it. The Black Bear won the Gold Medal at the 2003 GABF in the foreign-style stout category. Have a pint of Stout with the Seven-Barrel Burger or the Beer Battered Onion Rings.