BridgePort Hop Harvest Ale is Back

Says Green Bottling’s Mike Weksler “Yesterday we bottled 737 cases of the 2009 Hop Harvest for Bridgeport.” Weksler adds “This year the beer has a slightly different taste. It’s got a toasty flavor to it.”

Who’s all in?  This beer is one of Oregon’s finest fresh hop brews, and there’s a lot of good ones. As I type this, I sip on this years Deschutes Hop Trip.  Mmmm! We are geeked to try the Barley Brown’s Wild Hop American Strong Ale at Bailey’s on October 10 and revisit the Standing Stone Wet Hopped Red Ale. Speaking of Standing Stone, I just returned from Ashland to pick up some special brews for Brewpublic’s October 9th Brewniversary Celebration at Saraveza and the KillerBeerFest at Bailey’s Taproom on October 10th. Anyone who’s made this trek on a limited schedule knows how that goes. Look for some more beer updates soon.

From BridgePort:

This year’s beer is brewed using freshly picked hops from Goschie Farms in Silverton, Ore. This is the first year that Hop Harvest Ale will be brewed with hops from Goschie Farms which has been growing hops for over 100 years and are certified Salmon Safe in its growing practices. The hops were freshly picked on August 31 and used to make four brews that will be blended and packaged for sale and tasting.