Cap'n Neil

Here’s an about five month old interview.  Sorry to humiliate you, Neil, but people want to know what gets down the old gullet. Here’s a one on one with Belmont Station’s Neil Yandow…

What sparked your interest in craft beer?

Neil: The fact that these wonderful creations come from some of the worlds most basic products.

In what capacity do you work with beer?

NY: I don’t work with beer I live with it.

If trapped on a dessert island with just one tap line, what beer would you choose to drink (yeah that’s a tough one)?

NY: 1) Right now it would have to be Firestone Pale 31. Easy drinking, low in ABV, and one damn fine beer.
2) In the past it has been Conistons Blue Bird XB Bitter. Mmmmm…Tasty

Similarly, if you could have just one last beer, what would that be?

NY:Long Trail Ale. It would be the first and the last

Name five of your favorite brews (won’t hold you to these).

NY: Long Trail Ale /Sierra Nevada Celebration/ Anchor OSA/ Schlankerla Rauch Weizen/ Bridgeport ESB on cask

Are there any beers out there that you would like to try that you haven’t yet?

NY: Jolly Pumpkin BAM wiezen

Name one or more of your favorite food pairings?

NY: Alaskan smoked porter with brownies.