Cascade Public Bottle Tasting

Cascade Brewing's Ron Gansberg
Cascade Brewing's Ron Gansberg

Brewer and imagineer Ron Gansberg of Cascade Brewing just informed us that he will feature a public bottle tasting at the Raccoon Lodge.  The event will take place this coming Saturday between noon and 4PM.  Says Gansberg , the tasting will feature Cascade’s “Kriek, Blackberry, Cuvee as well as this year’s KriekGABF Bronze Medal winner and “Shekar”, the sour spiced Strong Blond fermented with the grapes.  The P’Quad is blended and in the tank as well.”  that we think is heads and shoulders above last year’s

Gansberg’s recent creations are some of the most spectacular Lambic available this side of Belgium.  It is almost surprising that so much hype is given to other breweries when considering the art that goes into the making of these beers and the divine flavor complexities that come out.

“Everyone is welcome.” -Ron Gansberg

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